Technek is an IT solution provider with a reputation for adopting fresh thinking in providing and delivering definitive and innovative e-business solutions in unmatched areas of expertise. At Technek, we find simple solutions to some of the more difficult IT problems. We have worked with many companies over the years of being in business. Over those years, we have found solutions to all of the problems that have been presented to us. Finding solutions is what technek is able to do better than any other company. Technek focus more in providing ideal answers to SMEs, corporates, governments and individuals with various creative and innovative IT solutions.

Our Mission

To provide business solutions to customers by improving their business results and concentrating on basic activities with effective use of information and Communication technologies.

Our Vision

To provide business solutions which will not only satisfy the existing customers’ needs, but also support their future growth and development.

Why Do Business With Us


At Tecknek we don’t see our clients as orders or jobs. We really care about their success and from the outset we establish a pro-active and flexible working relationship with each individual. We’re up front about how the relationship will work and what they can expect from us. From here we work together to scope out exactly how we can change things for the better in terms of their marketing objectives, solving daily issues and what their hopes are for the future. Sometimes we’re just their sounding board. With the bar set high from day one, we relish two-way communications and nurture our client relationships long into the future.


We support our clients in new ventures and old, and when we promise something, we make sure it happens – that means no empty promises. Our loyalty is weaved into our company too. We reward our people, we review our teams and we respect our colleagues for their hard work and their success.


Our walls aren’t white. Our outlook is never grey. And we always make sure we never make anyone blue – life’s just too short! Over the years we’ve made sure that Technek is a vibrant and inspiring place to work and that this is felt by our clients too. We never miss a good excuse in making our client happy, to celebrate company and personal successes or just have a giggle.


Our people are all self-motivated individuals and we strive to empower them with the tools to think independently, to seek out new solutions and to overcome challenges, so you achieve the results you need. But underneath this drive and determination, it’s important that there’s humility too. Programmed into our system is the understanding that every individual takes ownership for their own work. This means that we are responsible for achieving your objectives, for taking initiative and providing your company with excellent service.


Web Solutions

We acquire the right domain for you to perfectly match your business name and set you up for future success. We are here to transform your ideas into a website by creating professional and user-friendly website with innovative and style to speak for your business. Your business is not complete without a business email address which we provide to make your business unique in the global market. We provide other services like development, redesign, maintenance, monitoring, e-commerce, content management. With our robust hosting capabilities, we put all your web activities safe and easy to access any time and day.

Digital Marketing

We take your business to another level by creating a breakthrough process flow to increase productivity with effective & efficient e-marketing strategies to bring your customers to your doorstep. We strategically analyse your business processes with our analytical, simulation and monitoring experience & push your business to the top. Technek is in the business of content marketing—and, inevitably, so is your brand. We create content that powers your business, and develop strategies that forge the road ahead. Using market research, we ensure your brand’s content aligns with what your users are looking for in search and talking about in social. We research on our clients need and their organizational requirements to develop an efficient & compatible Business solution. Welcome to the new way of doing content.

IT Products

With our vast portfolio of products, Technek serves customers and business owners through a network of distributors and wholesalers across thecountry. Some of our products include antivirus software, web & communication software, computers, laptops, UPS, tablets, phones and mobile devices , storage & networking , displays , printers , components , hard drives , networking devices, camcorders, browsers , security , OS & system enhancement software , os x , business software , utility software , games , web & social , social networking software , productivity ,productivity software , e-readers , scanners , music players , gadgets , health & fitness software , news software , laptops , windows tablets, Androids, gadgets ,flash drives, memory cards etc

Network & Security

We help you stop clients’ information from getting out and viruses, spyware and cyber hackers from getting into your networks.We help to setting up firewalls, passwords, specialized security software and other methods of preventing unwanted intrusions into your network by making sure our clients keep up with new technical developments to ensure that their databases are constantly updated against hacks. At Technek, we often also educate users on network safety to further reduce the chances of a security breach.

Data recovery & backup

We help you meet required critical storage service levels at the right cost.Gain detailed insights into your current backup and recovery processes and identify opportunities to improve your strategy by utilizing next-generation technologies. At Technek, we uses a combination of software tools, workshops, and interviews to analyze your business and IT requirements and define your backup and recovery needs. We recommend a strategy to document and test your processes for recovering data in the event of a disaster even in fully virtualized environments, define processes and deploy tools to automate those processes for operational recovery of data day-today, develop an archive process,based on business requirements for long-term storage of data and leverage next-generation backup and recovery tools to speed private cloud adoption.

IT Consultancy

Information technology should improve business results.At Technek, we helps companies make sure it does. We look at IT issues strategically, in the broader context of our clients’ business. Our experts provide an objective, independent perspective to help companies realize the full potential of their IT resources, investments and assets.Our consulting services focus on our clients’ most critical issues and opportunities: strategy, marketing, organization, operations, technology and mergers & acquisitions, across all industries. We bring deep, functional expertise, but are known for our holistic perspective: we capture value across businesses and between the silos of any organization. We have proven a multiplier effect from optimizing the sum of the parts, not just the individual pieces.

Other Services

Information Technology Audits, Infrastructure Setup and Maintenance, Project Management, Delivering IT solutions, Network Optimization, Network Security,
WAN and Extranet Solutions, Change Management and Process Improvement,
Database Management, Problem Solving and Incident Management, Desktop and Mobile Systems Engineering, Forensic and data recovery, Training, Inventory and Asset Management solutions, Software delivery and license solutions, Disaster, Recovery and business continuity assessment, Microsoft Solutions, Online E-Commerce Systems, Salesforce Cloud CRM


”Technek Solutions have really helped us to effectively communicate with our customers in a unique and professional way through the website design and development. Analytics configured have enabled us to optimize our engagement with clients, hold our prospect, interest and maximize revenues.”

Mr Ayomide Asolo

Mr Ayomide AsoloMD/ CEO - Motorconnectng & MRE

”We have benefited a lot and found Technek Solutions very impressive and professional in handling IT solutions. We appreciate their professionalism and customer service. We have worked with Technek Solutions for 3 years and looks like they have being there for year. Thank you Technek Solutions for being there all the way.”

Mr Kumolu Johnson

Mr Kumolu Johnson CEO - Juggernautconsult

”Technek Solutions is one of the dynamic IT professional Company we have worked with in years with a dynamic team that consists of experienced talented and well qualified dedicated professionals with possibilities in mind to solve IT issues seamlessly.”

Alex Arebamen

Alex ArebamenCEO (GENERAL) - Alflo International LLC



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